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Sage Wellness Collaborative

Fall News 

New announcements coming soon

Tina's personal covid story on her FB page is HERE


Work At Home RESCUE - Great for Gift Giving!

Working from home? We see you, we got you. Your neck and upper back are shot, your mind is frazzled and your hands could use some pampering.

This 30 min pampering package is going to address your sore, stressed areas and relax your mind.

This package can be done fully dressed if you prefer.

Your therapist will listen to your concerns and use a combination of radiant heat therapy, aromatherapy, and gentle muscle work to relieve tension and pain.

To book appt - Click the 'Schedule Now' Button below 

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Monthly Specials


💙 Cupping Clinic 💙

No bells and whistles, just neuromuscular relief! No need to get undressed, just wear gym clothes/active wear that will give easy access to your area of pain.

Cupping is an ancient form of healing therapy in which a therapist puts specialized medical grade vacuum cups on your skin to create a negative pressure over painful area. Fresh oxygen and blood supply flow into the area, pain and metabolic waste flow out. People receive this therapy for many purposes including; muscle recovery, pain relief, relieve inflammation, increased blood and lymph flow, relaxation, and as a type of myofascial release and deep-tissue massage. Tina integrates her Cupping Therapy with other massage and bodywork modalities to bring her clients a customized cupping therapy session that best suits their needs. This service is for a focused 40 min Cupping Clinic session.


( We also have a 60 min Cupping/ Massage Combo available on the menu)

Book your Cupping Clinic Appt below! 


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Wellness Space Rental

30-60-90 min. Rental Options are now on the online schedule! $10/$20/$30

Rent our Wellness Space ( Front Lobby area) Note - All activities must be quiet/low-level noise ones. All normal safety precautions must be abided by. Physical distancing, hand cleansing, mask wearing.

(You may bring up to 2 adults for an additional 10.00 each due at check-in)

Possible reasons to rent this space include; quiet time, project work, private meetings, reading, crafting, paperwork, small classes or training, etc. You can also bring a snack or meal or have it delivered.

We provide: Basic dinnerware/Placesettings, Coffee/Tea/Water, Optional Aromatherapy, 

Optional Music (or bring your own with headphones), Microwave & Small Fridge

Supplies Available for use: Coloring Books/Colored Pencils/Paper/Pens/Scissors/Basic Office Supplies

To book our space 

1) Click a 'Schedule Now' button on this page

2) Look for the 'Wellness Space Rental' options under Tina's services.

3) Book at your convenience.

*Booking this service reserves your check-in time.